Programming and Installation Manuals


Complete manual for the Videofied W-Series Alarm panels (WiP720 and WiP730).

WiP720 and WiP730 (3G) Installation & Programming Manual

Complete manual for the Videofied XTiP 730 (3G) Alarm panel.  ** UPDATED VERSION 2016**

XTiP730 GPRS (3G) Installation & Programming Manual

List of error codes. **please note most error codes relate to SIMCARD/Provider issues**

Error codes   

         Error codes 2G/3G *Updated*

The below guides are for older model alarm panels which are all 2G ONLY panels and no longer sold in Australia

This Document is a complete manual for each of THREE (3) Videofied XT Alarm panels.
XT710 GPRS - XTIP710 GPRS - XTO710 Installation & Programming Manual
XT710 Menu flowchart (Cheat Sheet)

XT710 GPRS full menu structure

XT-IP710 Ethernet Panel Menu flowchart (Cheat Sheet)

XTIP710 GPRS full menu structure

This document is exclusively for the XL700 alarm panel.

XL700GPRS Programming Manual

Legacy Videofied ALARM PANELS

V7000 Main and Configuration Menu

V7000P (piggyback) Panel Programming and Installation Manual